Trunk Equipment Cooling System (TECS)

Trunk Equipment Cooling System

Heat is one of the most serious problems you will have to deal with when mounting technology in the trunk of your patrol car. It can lead to system instability and potentially take your vehicle out of service. TIS has the solution to this problem – TECS!

TECS is a patent pending, rear-partition mounted cooling system for your trunk mounted technology. The dual-fan, interval and sensory-controlled system pulls cool air from the cabin and pushes it into the trunk of the vehicle to keep your gear working reliably – even on the hottest days of the year.

Why you need this in your patrol car!

  • Reduce costs associated with maintenance and repair of heat affected system components.
  • Increase officer efficiency by reducing downtime caused by heat related system failures.
  • It’s easy to install! We provide instructions and templates for your fleet mechanic to ensure a proper installation.

TECS is currently available for Dodge Charger and Chevrolet Caprice patrol cars.  Don’t use a Charger or Caprice but still think TECS can solve your problem? Call us and let’s discuss options! 

For more information contact Jeff Merriman at 417-622-2005


  • Low Noise 120mm electric fans– 250 cfm per fan, 500 cfm total.
  • Thermostat controlled activation - Programmable from +32 F to +140 F.
  • Directional porting.
  • 16 gauge cold rolled sheet metal.
  • Black powder-coated standard cover plate, customizable with your agency's initials for an additional fee.
  • Robust construction and field-tested design. Developed in cooperation with the Dallas Police Department who currently have them in their patrol cars.