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Trinity Innovative Solutions - Our Story

In 1995, Tim Hall and David Harms decided to start a company that specialized in custom metal fabrication.  They made a commitment to each other and their families that they would operate and manage the company in a manner that reflected their faith in God.  The hard part was coming up with a name. After much discussion, their wives Julie and Peggy, came up with Trinity. And with that, our company was born.

Our mission is to create innovative solutions that give First Responders the capability to overcome the daunting challenges they face every day, and to build lifelong relationships in the process.  To that end, we have designed over 1,000 unique brackets, mounts, and appliances for the public safety market, many of which are patented and in use in every state in the country.  We work directly with local, state, and federal agencies to design, build, test, implement, and support end-to-end technology solutions that serve as a force multiplier and enhance their ability to fight crime and protect our communities.

The Trinity team consists of industry veterans with decades of combined expertise and experience in solution design, technology integration, CAD design, product fabrication, secure networking, deployment, and multi-tier long term support.  We have done thousands of mobile installs and hundreds of fixed sites.  Additionally, we have created hundreds of Fixed and LPR enclosures, developed an LPR and surveillance toolbox, built drug hide training trailers for use by the DEA and interdiction officers, designed and built what is arguably the best technology  trailer on the market, upgraded surveillance vans, MRAPs, and tactical vehicles and installed dozens of interview rooms.  We have trained thousands of law enforcement officers and IT staff, supported warrant round up operations, participated in ride-a-longs and trained agencies on best use practices.  We have worked with several major in-car video manufacturers to improve deployment methods and help them create system enhancements.  We have deployed solutions in over 20 states and supported deployments in Dubai, U.A.E., Egypt, and Singapore. Our team has thousands of hours working with public safety agencies helping them improve their workflow.

Every employee that steps foot in a law enforcement agency has gone through a rigorous law enforcement background check and has their fingerprints on file with the State of Texas DPS. They are all CJIS Level 4 Certified.  Our team consists of highly skilled professionals with backgrounds in network design, information technology, solution design, mechanical and electrical engineering, CAD and CNC machining.  Several staff members are veterans, in the Guard and reserve, and retired law enforcement.

Creating innovative solutions is not just in our name, it is in our DNA.  It is who we are and what we do.  Call us today and give us the opportunity to help.  It just might be the easiest thing you have ever done to solve a challenge.

Tim hall

Tim Hall Owner / Master Hardware Engineer

Tim is an owner and integral part of the executive team at Trinity Innovative Solutions. He has over 20 years’ experience in engineering and design, metalworking, fabrication, and finish work. Tim is intimately involved in the daily operations of our shop and regularly meets with customers to consult with them about how we can help them resolve issues.

David harms

David Harms Owner / Chief Financial Officer

David is an owner and integral part of the executive team at Trinity Innovative Solutions. He has over 20 years’ experience in logistics, procurement, and financials. He manages the daily back-office operations for Trinity.

Design and Engineering Department

Gavin Hutchins – Engineering Manager
Clint Hall – Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Back Office Department

Kathy White Henry – Purchasing and Logistics
Peggy Harms – AP/AR/Human Resources

Sales Staff

Jeff Merriman – Sales Manager
Kathy White-Henry – Sales & Administrative Support


Mo Najar - Support Technician


Charles Tennison – Installation Manager
Emmit Morgan - Installer


Kenny Eakles – Shop Lead
Scott Hill – Shop Hand
Ken Hall - Mount Assembly Manager

The Most Notable Products We Manufacture Are:

  • Traffic and Surveillance Trailers.

  • Patented and patent-pending overt and covert environmental enclosures for video surveillance and other applications..

  • Portable video surveillance enclosures (patent pending).

  • Mounting brackets for camera systems.

  • Dodge Charger and Chevrolet Caprice Equipment Cooling Systems (patent pending) – designed in cooperation with the Dallas Police Department to solve overheating issues with their trunk-mounted equipment.

  • Patented Body-Worn Camera mounting clips.

Surveillance can

Integration, Configuration, Implementation and Support

We are experts at integrating best-of-breed public safety technology platforms, configuring them to work reliably, and implementing them in your operating environment.