About Us

Trinity Innovative Solutions is a privately held solutions design firm based in Texas. We specialize in integrating and implementing industry leading public safety technology platforms.

Our Leadership

Tim Hall


Owner / Master Hardware Design

Tim is an owner and integral part of the executive team at Trinity Innovative Solutions.  He has over 20 years’ experience in engineering and design, metal working, fabrication, and finish work. Tim is intimately involved in the daily operations of our shop and regularly meets with customers to consult with them about how we can help them solve their problems. 

David Harms


Owner / Comptroller

David is an owner and integral part of the executive team at Trinity Innovative Solutions.  He has over 20 years’ experience in logistics, procurement, and financials.  He manages the daily back-office operations for Trinity.

Gavin Hutchins


Technical Director

Gavin manages the technical and customer support team at Trinity Innovative Solutions.  He has over 20 years’ experience in public safety technology, is a member of the Texas Army National Guard, and is a former active duty United States Marine.  Gavin is actively involved with the design, integration, and implementation of all of our technology solutions.

Your Success Matters To Us

Take on Challenges

Our team will help you determine all the components for a successful implementation.  We take all those components and build them into opportunities and innovative solutions.

We are the Experts

Our diverse backgrounds and vast experience in a wide variety of fields allows us to offer complete solutions to complex problems for our customers.  We work with clients both foreign and domestic, and we work in both the Public and Private sectors.  Collectively, our staff have decades of experience in this industry and a reputation that has allowed to remain a trusted source for law enforcement and private sector customers for many years.

Top Tier Support

Our support staff are well-trained and experienced to ensure issues are resolved quickly when they arise.  We work with many companies such as Vigilant Solutions, Getac Video Solutions, Panasonic, Brite Computers, GTS Technology Solutions, Vetted Solutions and DataSource Mobility to provide the best solution for your needs.

What we do

Our engineering and installation teams have been involved in multiple large and complex technology deployments, including the most recent DART video camera installation, the Fort Worth city-wide video surveillance roll-out (they are using our portable video surveillance appliances), and one of the nation’s largest fixed LPR camera implementations – currently underway in the state of Florida. We assisted in designing the network architecture, led the project implementation, and they are using our environmental enclosures and wireless communications bridge enclosures.

Many companies regularly bring us in to do project assessments, design deployment plans, and implement complex technology solutions for the customers. Some of these companies are:

  • Vigilant Solutions
  • Axis
  • Getac Video Solutions
  • Panasonic
  • GTS Technology Solutions

Customer Testimonials

"The guys at Trinity Solutions have gone well above and beyond in assisting in my Agency's needs: from product lines, innovation in equipment, and customer service. These guys definitely offer something special in every category." 

-Lt. Green

West Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office

"Our application needed a unique mounting arm tailored for specific requirements. Trinity delivered from initial contact to finished product in less than 2 weeks."

 -Ryan B.

St. Petersburg, FL

"Trinity designed, fabricated and installed an entirely new LPR mounting solution in a day when others could not do it in months. They were there for us!"

-Rick T.

Frisco, TX

"When the Trinity team took us out on a test drive of their mobile LPR system, we were stunned how quickly and accurately it was able to collect plates and compare them to our warrant data. This system is amazing."