License Plate Recognition Traffic Trailer

The New Standard in Portable Law Enforcement Technology

The TIS LPR Traffic Trailer combines the industry’s best license plate recognition technology and the accuracy and reliability of the top radar manufacturers into a single, portable, law enforcement platform. The trailer can also be equipped with high resolution digital surveillance cameras for capturing context footage of traffic flow, perimeter activity, or other imagery. Trinity builds these trailers to withstand the rigors of extreme weather and maintain extended operational deployment time. And it’s backed by the best warranty program in the industry!

The Best LPR Technology in Public Safety Just Got Better

Equipped with high quality Vigilant Reaper LPR cameras and software, high performance edge-computing resources, and near real-time alerting, the TIS LPR Traffic Trailer easily processes high volumes of plate reads against fast moving traffic with incredible accuracy and immediate notification when a hit is detected.

Deploying High Performance LPR Has Never Been Easier

The TIS LPR Traffic Trailer is purpose built to be easy to deploy, easy to use, and easy to maintain. We’ve designed and engineered this trailer to minimize the time it takes you to deploy it and maximize its ability to be a force multiplier for your agency. The power system has been configured to extend deployment durations and our Remote Management system allows you to keep an eye your LPR system health without ever leaving your office or getting out of your patrol car. Our camera and equipment boxes are made of aluminum to eliminate rust.

Easy to Use – Easier to Buy!

We have multiple options for purchasing our LPR Traffic Trailers. TIS has partnered with Government Capital to offer law enforcement agencies flexible annual payment plans that allow you purchase our top of the line LPR Traffic Trailer on 3, 4, and 5-year plans. In some cases, we can defer your first payment until the start of your new fiscal year. We offer competitive rates and simple terms.

Our patented knurled mounting ball dramatically improved camera stability. Many environments shift between cold and hot, dry and humid. These conditions can affect the orientation of a camera over time. Our knurled ball creates a high-friction surface that reduces the impact of the environmental forces on the camera and reduces the amount of time spent re-aiming.

The removable tongue makes securing the trailer significantly easier and the sturdy construction means increased reliability during transport.

The rotating mast increases ease of transportation. By rotating the mast to be in-line with the trailer, you minimize the potential damage that can occur during transportation.

Trailer Feature & Specifications

Dimensions w/Tongue
96” x 70” x 85”
Dimensions w/o Tongue
53.5” x 70” x 85”
Steel Frame / Aluminum Solar Enclosure
GVW Rating
2400 lbs
Consolidated Equipment Tray in Equipment Box
Solar Array
3 panels 300 watts
Sliding Compartment
Manual Deployment
Solar Controller
Heavy Duty
Battery Ah
Battery Storage
HD Battery Enclosure(s)
(DoT approved boxes)
LPR Cameras
Optional Surveillance Camera
Camera Enclosure
Singular (optional second)
(Standard Enclosure)
Single Lock
Power Converter
(120v charging)
Cable Reel
(120v charging)
Pepwave BR1 Mini
No Rollover
5 Port PoE
Wheel Type
15” 5 Lug
Tire Size
Lights/Turn Signals
Trailer Connector
7 Pin
Ball Hitch
Jack Type/Rating
(5) Manual
1,200 lbs each
Stone Guard
Yes (Diamond Plate)
Safety Chains
Removable Tongue
Lock Type
Cooling Fans
Removable Tongue
Rotating Mast
Axle Rating
1,200 lbs
Remote Monitor
Camera Mount
Manual PT 360°
Single Person Deployment
HD Enclosure Coating
Service Location
Little Elm, TX

Robust design. Without compromise.

Reliability is the key. The trailer is built with reduced maintenance in mind. As weather goes from hot to cold and then back to hot, camera positioning becomes a problem. With the sturdy materials and high-friction surfaces that are central to its design, this low-maintenance system is a pleasure to employ.

How It Works

Our license plate recognition systems use hi-res cameras to capture photographic images of license plates, and then those images are run through complex algorithms to provide alphanumeric text values that can be used immediately to search against a database for a match. The quality of the camera and its proper positioning creates a high-quality Capture Plane that can cover multiple traffic lanes and produce the highest translations. These systems are used in both the public sector by law enforcement and in the private sector by businesses and residential neighborhoods. For law enforcement, the speed of the translated plate data helps officers locate missing persons, recover stolen cars, and even identify suspects from past cases. The historical data can provide traffic patterns of suspects. For businesses and residential neighborhoods, these systems aid in private parking enforcement and granting access to vehicles.

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