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We want to help...

We help you take on the challenges! Our team will help you determine all of the requirements that must be addressed to overcome the obstacle. We can take those requirements and build them into opportunities and innovative solutions. We have the staff and the expertise to work with you until the mission is complete. You will then get the support and detailed documentation that you will need to ensure your success. We specialize in providing complete, end-to-end solutions.

...because your success matters to us.

When we finish the job, you will think of us not just as a company that provided goods and services but as a part of your team. We will work closely with you to identify your current challenge, understand the full scope of its implications, and design and implement a solution that not only addresses the current crisis but also mitigates future risks. As our customer, you matter to us! We want to see you win.

True Solutions ... Innovatively Designed!

Our Areas of Expertise

We’re here to help you succeed. Our team has spent years working to become the best in each field we operate. Here are our areas of expertise:


Acquiring needed data and transmitting it reliably and securely are critical. We put together the processing power and applications that allow us to solve the toughest problems in the shortest time. Whether the solution is wired, wireless, cell or satellite, we have the experience and expertise to move those calculated results to their final destination. We create and support innovative solutions that not only meet today’s needs but also provide a platform for your future success.


Our production staff is ready to assist you and your team from the beginning of the concept stage. We are continually researching the latest materials to ensure your designs are using the most reliable materials for your project. Our highly skilled workforce offers outstanding quality sheet metal and steel products to maximize the effectiveness of your project success.

Solution Design

A one-size-fits-all approach to designing solutions isn’t nearly as effective as deploying calculated technical resources on a case-by-case basis to meet specific customer needs. Our broad experience has equipped our engineers to create the best solution for each challenge. These specialists consider each aspect of the application before recommending the ideal solution architecture.

Project Strategy

When implementing a project strategy, we take a pragmatic approach to development, and we leverage the past experiences of our cross-functional project members to actively guide our development process. From uncovering the facets of the current challenge, identifying all of the stakeholders, defining the project scope, crafting the plan, assembling the required resources, building the solution, and testing it for completeness and accuracy, we employ the best industry practices to ensure the successful completion of your project.

Customer Engagement

Understanding what you want and providing you with the support you need are the things that drive us. We want to work closely with you and become a valuable part of your team. We take measured steps to ensure that the information you share with us is handled in confidentiality. Communication between you and us will be the key to our great relationship. We look forward to having you as another one of our valued clients.

Is Trinity the team that can help you achieve your goals?

Our Products and Services

In-Car Mobile Video Integration & Installation

We are certified integrators/installers for Panasonic Arbitrator, L3 Flashback, WatchGuard, and COBAN systems.

License Plate Readers (LPR)

We are a premier Vigilant value added reseller and are a certified Vigilant LPR installer and Integrator. We manufacture a complete product line of items for Vigilant.

Vehicle Mobile Data Computers and Docks

We install Panasonic Toughbooks, Getac, DuraBook computers and Gamber-Johnson, Havis and Jotto mounting and console solutions.

Mobile License Plate Recognition (LPR) Trailers

We can provide mobile LPR trailers with or without radar for any event, short or long term, for purchase or for rent.

...and more!

Innovative Design and Construction

Many applications need electronics, mounting/housing systems, and communication accessories that are designed to operate in harsh environments. If you have deployments that you must control in these environments, you have to know that your system will perform predictably and reliably. We spend hours and hours heating, cooling, torquing, and crushing our designs until they are just right. We build them so you can count on them.


Why is the Trinity Innovative Solutions Team different?

Details determine how reliable your solution will be when you need it. We spend countless hours researching, calculating, designing, fabricating, observing, and testing to make certain the solution we provide will stand up to your environment.

We Work to Solve YOUR Problem

Your challenges within your environment have opportunities and constraints that are unique to you. The pieces that are required to address that challenge may be widely available, but the way they are linked together must be specifically configured to fit your situation. We work closely with you to connect the dots, develop a distinct plan of action, and tackle the problem that is blocking you.

We Have Built a Diverse Team

We have assembled a team of skilled artisans who have come from a variety of backgrounds and disparate fields to arm us with the tools to solve complex problems. From CAD design, plastic and metal fabrication, cable creation, power design, stress testing, computer networking, wireless communication, camera systems, small form factor processing systems, and systems testing, we have an experienced team that is eager to join with you in your adventure.

"The guys at Trinity Solutions have gone well above and beyond in assisting in my Agency's needs: from product lines, innovation in equipment, and customer service. These guys definitely offer something special in every category."
Lt. Green
West Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office
"Our application needed a unique mounting arm tailored for specific requirements. Trinity delivered from initial contact to finished product in less than 2 weeks."
Ryan B.
St. Petersburg, FL
"Man, I’m glad you guys are on our side!"
Ray H.
Ashville, NC

Here's Who We've Helped

We've been blessed with the opportunity to work with small, medium, and large organizations. We work with businesses, communities, and governments. We work within both the Public and Private sectors. We have clients both foreign and domestic. If you have a need, we can help. Look at some of the groups we have helped: City of Doral, Florida ▫ City of Dallas, Texas Police Department ▫ City of Fort Worth, Texas Police Department ▫ Dallas Area Rapid Transportation (DART) ▫ Bossier Parish Louisiana Sheriff’s Office ▫ Liberty County, Texas Sheriff’s Department ▫ City of Frisco, Texas Police Department ▫ West Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office ▫ Ulster County New York Sheriff’s Office ▫ Vigilant Solutions

"Trinity designed, fabricated and installed an entirely new LPR mounting solution in a day when others could not do it in months. They were there for us!"
Rick T.
Frisco, TX
"When the Trinity team took us out on a test drive of their mobile LPR system, we were stunned how quickly and accurately it was able to collect plates and compare them to our warrant data. This system is amazing."

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Tell Us About You


We are led by a team who questions, dabbles, monkeys, tinkers and innovates.

Tim Hall

Owner / Master Hardware Design
Tim is an owner and integral part of the executive team at Trinity Innovative Solutions (TIS). He has over 20 years' experience in metal working and is actively engaged in designing and implementing various hardware to support our various Public Safety projects.

David Harms

Owner / Comptroller
David is an owner and integral part of the executive team at Trinity Innovative Solutions (TIS). He has over 20 years of logistical and finance expertise and is actively engaged in the procurement, logistics and financial support of the company.

Gavin Hutchins

Technical Director
Gavin Hutchins is the Technical Director with over 20 years experience in public safety and member of the military. He is integral in the design, integration, implementation of solutions in the Public Safety arena, in-car mobile video, networking and License Plate Recognition (LPR).

Here are some of the things that we have been doing...